8/12/24* FTA DVB-S2 IRD (Option RF Modulator)

Product Details

Product Profile 

    Q1 is a high-density, modular and FTA professional TS processor equipped with 24 independent tuners, which can be either of DVB-S2/S, ATSC types. and option modulation (DVB-C/ DVB-T/ISDB-T/ATSC/DTMB) to convert Video/Audio signals into RF over exist Coax Cable distribution. It provides a best-of-class gateway platform for Digital tv Owners and IPTV operators.

    Q1 DVB-S/S2 Tuner to IP Gateway is a head-end interface conversion device and Routes Any or All Transport Streams via IP Output Port by 256*SPTS and 4*MPTS channels simultaneously. It is integrated with tuner demodulation with  ASI input  and gateway function, which can demodulate from 24 tuners and directly convert the TS from DVB-ASI, then output the IP package through different IP address and ports. 

    Q1 enables an all-IP headend architecture, resulting in a more scalable and lower-cost transition to IP-based services. It distribute any HD and SD of unencryped Tuners Channels to unlimited TVs over the existing TV coax cables with real time perfect quality at any distance.This is an ideal solution for environments where you have a large number of air Channel, and used largely to Medium-Scale IPTV, Hotel, entertainment  facilities, education broadcasting systems at schools and government buildings or any kinds of Source signals convert to Cable TV broadcast environments in limited budget severely. 

    Used in some of the most famous ballparks in the world, this is an ideal solution for environments where you have a large number of displays, such as stadiums, entertainment facilities, or broadcast environment. This DVB to IP Gateway is designed especially for high channel density environments where Rapid deployment, Easy management and compatibility are critical.


▶ Distribute Up to 24 FTA  Tuners over RF (DVB-T/DVB-C/DTMB/ISDB-T/ATSC) to an unlimited number of TVs

▶ Selectable  DVB-S2 or ATSC free to air Tuners inputs

▶ Optional DVB-C (QAM), DVB-T (COFDM), ATSC-T, ISDB-T, DTMB Modulation, 4*Carrier RF Out

▶ Two separate ASI input for External TS Multiplexing

▶ Simulaneously 4*MPTS and 256*SPTS over UDP/RTP IP out in Tuners Gateway

▶ 4 separate multiplexing and Up-converter modulating adjacent carrier out

▶ Selectable the Value of PCR PID same as Video PID

▶ LCN (Logical Channel Number) support

▶ PSI/SI editing & inserting

▶ PID Remapping & Filtering

▶ Support PCR correct and PCR interval adjusting

▶ Superior Shoulders and Excellent modulation quality MER

▶ Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) ≦87600 Hours

▶ Easy-to-Use System Management via Web

▶ Low Cost per channel -  Breakthrough Price !


▶ Advertising, monitoring, training and educating

▶ Upgrade all your analog Head-ends to digital TV Solution

▶ Enterprise, Hotel, campus, hospital, Public Place

▶ Low cost Digital TV distribution8/12/24* FTA DVB-S2 IRD (Option RF Modulator)