Broadcast Edge QAM Modulator

Product Details

IPQ6250 is a new generation of modular & high density Edge QAM modulator combining TS-over-UDP/RTP reception, transport stream re-multiplexing, scrambling, PSI/SI processing and 16/32/64/128/256QAM modulation in a 1U rack-mount unit. It supports up to 48 QAM channels by using three external plugged 16 QAM modules, each of QAM modules supporting up to two Gigabit copper interfaces. Moreover, the IPQ6250 supports 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power supplies for high reliability and stability of system. Its pay-as-you-grow modular design, flexible configurations and licensing mechanism are making the IPQ6250 unparalleled scalability, reliability and system performance to cable operators. The adopts Web browser and SNMP management with remote monitoring and control that can greatly reduce management time and operating expenses (OPEX) of operators.

IP Input (QAM Module)

Interface: 2 x100/1000 Base-T Ethernet   RJ-45 ports

Operation Mode: Independent or redundant

Data Format: MPEG TS-Over-IP/UDP/RTP

MAC Layer Access: IEEE 802.3

Addressing&Protocol: Multicast and Unicast

MPEGoIP output

Select the streams out via Multiplexed or Scrambled

UDP protocol,Unicast,Multicast, Through out via 1000M Ethernet Port1 or Port 2 

Transport Stream Re-multiplexing

Capacity of Processing: Up to 1024 programs

PCR:  Auto correction

PSI/SI:  PSI/SI table auto-generation, manual insertion     

        Comply with: ISO/IEC 13818-1 DVB SI(ESI EN300468)

RPID:   emapping ,filtering and pass-through

Real-time Statistics;  TS bitrate, program bitrate, PID bitrate

Transport Stream Scrambling (Software Options)

Scrambling Algorithm Comply with DVB-CSA

Numbers of CASOptional up to four DVB SimulCrypt CAS(s)

CAS Interface Protocol TCP/UDP (via Network Management Port)

EMM Bandwidth Up to 3 Mbps per TS

Scrambling Rate : Up to 60 Mbps per QAM channel

Modulation Output (QAM Module)

Output Connector;  1 x RF Output
1 x -20dB RF Test Port

Connector Type:  F-Type (Female, 75Ω)

RF Frequency Range:  30 to 860 MHz

Bandwidth:   6 or 8MHz

Qty of QAM channel:

  16 QAM channels(or carriers) each module  Up to 3 module

Modulation Standards:

  ITU-T J.83 Annex A, B and C


    Annex A: 16 /32 /64 /128 /256QAM
    Annex B: 64/256QAM
    Annex C: 32 /64 /128 /256QAM

Symbol Rate:

    Annex A: 4.2 to 7 M Baud
    Annex B: 5.057 M Baud
    Annex C: 4.2 to 5.3 M Baud

RF Output Power Level:

    98 to 119dBμV (RF output Port)
    70 to 90dBμV (-20dB test port)

MER:  ≥38dB (64QAM, 6.875M Baud)

SNR(Out of band):  ≥50dB

Return Loss:  ≥14dB