DOCSIS 3.0 Outdoor CMTS

DOCSIS 3.0 Outdoor CMTS
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The outdoor CMTS product follow DOCSIS 3.0 standard ,Using the full DOCSIS3.0, MiniCMTS and user device fits international DOCSIS standard, effectively meet the technical standard of future DOCSIS. It support 16 QAM downstream channels to 800Mbps; 4 upstream QAM channels to 160Mbps, fulfilling the broadband accessing of 960Mbps. It  can support 511 Cable Modems online simultaneously, fully compatible with the DOCSIS2.0, 3.0 Cable Modem.

The next generation DOCSIS3.0 network uses CMTS series, mixing the advantage of broadcasting and flexible data interactive about IP net, to promote the value of broadcasting HFC net, is the "trump card" of the Broadcasting accessing reform.

The products can adapt to multi-environment deployment. With waterproof outdoor design, it makes the products can be deployed in optical node. Outdoor miniCMTS is not only integrated with high performance DOCSIS3.0 module, but also can be configurated with optional built-in optical receiver module, ONU module, IPQAM module according to the users' individual needs. It can realize a complete ONU all in one solution.


1.Outdoor IPV6 waterproof type design, work temperature at -25℃~75℃.

2.1 SFP interface or 1 1000M LAN service port.

3. Built-in mixer, 1i n 1 out, 2 in 2 out, 4 in 4 out optional.

4. 220V or 60V power supply.

5. Uplink network interface photoelectricity is optional.

6.Support 60V over voltage, access current is 10A.

7. Built in IPQAM module,ONU module(To use which model is up to operator).

8. 4 channels QAM upstream, 16 channels QAM downstream.

9. Frequency range:87~1000Mhz(biggest difference of the 16 frequency points is less than192 Mh).