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Jun 16, 2015

Product Overview


DIBDVB hotel solution is a special edition of DIBDVB products that customized for integration with hotel property management system (PMS). Especially its Android based STB can support client with its various requests within the time in the hotel. We can provide following services to hotel client directly operate from TV.


Key Features

  • Custom-build a set-up, designed especially for a hotel's very own needs.

  • Android OS uniform platform, to achieve the integration of TV and pad.

  • Provide users with high-definition digital video content programming and comprehensive information service platform, enables interactive on-demand (VOD), replay, interactive games and other interactive services.

  • Distribute terrestrial and satellite television programmers to every room all the way through the building flexible, controllable signage and corporate branding.

  • Hotel IPTV can deliver a vast range of local and foreign language channels.

  • Customized UI design for the clients and new experience in the fashion and sports fields.

  • Unparalleled network security.

  • All programmers will be available on demand. Amongst alternative pluses, a network based video recorder enables them to record programmers from the Electronic Programmers Guide when they are out, to watch later at a more convenient time.

  • Costs, space and energy are saved by dispensing with free view IPTV Boxes, video recorders and even TVs where PC viewing is adopted.

  • IPTV turnkey solution for the hotel is that it continues to be lower maintenance, while still delivering a high-end service with little or no fuss. 

Guest Welcome Page

Guest welcoming page includes welcoming letter, weather reports, time, and hotel introduction video/photo and hotel logo. Hotel guest can click the home button to inter the service menu page.

Main Menu

Main menu displays five sections of services provided by hotel operator. Additional options and services can be customized on this list and users can easier flip over the icons on the menu to the next page.

Hotel Services

  • Special food promotion: support picture, video and character form, even multi-picture rotation play get through back-stage management.

  • Recommend several of service facilities, like conference room, fitness, entertainment.

  • Introduce hotel traffic, place of interests, shopping, surrounding meals

  • Offer schedule flight information synchronous to airport, reveal the departure and arrival time of domestic or overseas airline.

  • Support scrolling subtitles to play notification message, reveal check-in, check-out and consumption information and so on, even can push online message from guests.

  • Guest can search promotions message and order to purchase via the remote control directly, the buying demand   will send to hotel system automatically.

Media Center

  In the media center, hotel guests can watch news from their preferred live channels, preferred movies and radio from all over the world by using the edge cutting streaming delivery technology OTT. TV picture and voice are smooth and clear without any delay. In addition, guest can enjoy their photos, documents through connecting the STB with their storage devices. Hotel operator can set up their billing system like pay per view or package for selected channels or movies to generate revenue.

Live TV

Video on Demand


We could add more useful and fun application in the hotel solution for the entertainment in rooms for the entire customer who is interested in the android market.