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Sep 21, 2018

IBC is the leading global tradeshow for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment. The event's unparalleled exhibition and agenda setting conference encompass the very latest developments in broadcasting, mobile TV, IPTV, digital signage and R&D making it essential for everyone's understanding of the industry and its future.



At the beginning of September each year, 70 000 television professionals, video and digital film specialists and TV managers meet at Amsterdam RAI for the annual IBC Exhibition of equipment and IBC Conference about the new trends, business ideas and technology solutions. IBC is an important event growing each year as the importance of its field expands, connecting into the technology of film from one side and into the computers engineering from the other.


According to media reports, the OTT usage rate in European market is continuing to rise, especially in the UK and France, the amount of users is continuing to expand. In England and France, more than half of the broadband subscribers have watched TV shows and movies through the Internet, and one-third of England broadband families have even subscribed pay OTT video services. The development of OTT video services in Europe is now at the forefront of the world, second only to the United States. With the European audience's video watching habits changing slowly, more and more pay video services are also rapidly entering into the market, which also means that in the future in Europe and its surrounding areas and countries, there will be more development and market opportunities for HANGZHOU HAOXUN (CHIXUN) TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD.


This year HANGZHOU HAOXUN (CHIXUN) TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD bring Magicbox Economic IPTV Encoder Transcoder, Carrier Grade 4K HD IPTV Encoder Transcoder to this event. We not only shows the latest scientific research to the industry and the guests, but also deepens the whole industry chain from content, network to terminal for DTV operators. With DTV solutions, HANGZHOU HAOXUN (CHIXUN) TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD aims to provide perfect DTV products and services, and has won the operators high recognition after years of deep operation.